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Our Mission, Aims and Objectives

Our Mission

Our mission as a Trust is to improve the health of the people we serve by delivering exceptional care, teaching and research every day.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Bristol, and our hospitals, to be among the best and safest places in the country to receive care.

We want to be characterised by:

  • High quality individual care, delivered with compassion
  • A safe, friendly and modern environment
  • Employing the best and helping all our staff fulfil their potential
  • Pioneering and efficient practice, putting ourselves at the leading edge of research, innovation and transformation
  • Our commitment to partnership and the provision of leadership to the networks we are part of, for the benefit of the region and people we serve.

Aims and objectives

Our strategic aims in the three core business areas of clinical services, research and teaching are shown below, along with aims in key supporting areas.

Clinical Services

  • To provide efficient and effective services, affordable to commissioners and desirable to patients and referring clinicians
  • To be the major specialist service provider for the population of Bristol & the South West region
  • To provide additional services for the local population
  • To support the principle of local access wherever possible
  • To provide services which are quick and easy to access and provide an excellent patient experience
  • To deliver services to the highest standards

Research & Development

  • To develop collaborative and consultative research partnerships with patients, carers and the public
  • To support research of national and international excellence and innovation
  • To develop the Trust's research portfolio in line with its service strategy
  • To develop a Clinical Research Imaging Centre in partnership with the University of Bristol
  • To develop research activities in partnership with academic and healthcare organisations
  • To further develop research governance

Teaching and Learning

  • To ensure staff are enabled to provide safe, effective and high quality patient care
  • To pursue teaching and learning partnerships with education providers and others
  • To embrace personal and organisational development
  • To encourage a culture of innovation and enterprise
  • To maximise recruitment and retention by meeting the development needs of current and prospective staff

Supporting aims

  • To achieve a sustainable financial surplus
  • To improve the environment for patients and staff, to improve ease of access for patients and visitors and to develop the Trust's estate to give the optimal configuration of services
  • To ensure that the Trust has the governance and information structures, systems and processes necessary to deliver its mission efficiently, effectively and with the highest standards of probity.
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