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Our Board

The Board of Directors are responsible for the running and management of the Trust. The group is made up of Directors, including the Chief Executive, who are full time senior staff, plus an independent lay Chairman and Non-Executive Directors who hold part-time positions.

The Directors bring expertise from their positions in key areas of the Trust, while the Chair and Non-Executive Directors offer their skills and experience from a wide variety of roles in the community.



  • Robert Woolley - Chief Executive
  • Owen Ainsley - Acting Chief Operating Officer
  • Alex Nestor - Acting Director of Workforce & Organisational Development
  • Sean O'Kelly - Medical Director
  • Paul Mapson - Director of Finance and Information
  • Carolyn Mills - Chief Nurse
  • Paula Clarke - Director of Strategy and Transformation


  • John Savage - Chairman
  • Emma Woollett - Non-Executive Director - Vice Chair
  • John Moore - Non-Executive Director - Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Lisa Gardner - Non-Executive Director - Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Alison Ryan - Non-Executive Director - Chair of the Quality and Outcomes Committee
  • Guy Orpen - Non-Executive Director
  • David Armstrong - Non-Executive Director
  • Jill Youds - Non-Executive Board Observer
  • Julian Dennis - Non-Executive Board Observer

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